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Remembering Thomas


Thomas Kareem Crosbie, aka PACE had a great passion for music and sport. He was a creative, sensitive and deep thinking individual. He cared greatly about his family, friends and his community. He was a natural communicator and had an amazing capacity for bringing people together. He touched many people’s lives and will be remembered for his unique energy, and unbound kindness. He believed that all people were equal and felt great sadness for the inequalities that exist globally. He cared about the environment and human rights. He wished for the world to be a more peaceful and loving place.

a Creative hub in east london

Thomas’s vision was to form a creative hub that would be a place of inspiration and promote young people's wellbeing through the arts and sport. Those who loved him and those who worked alongside him have created the Thomas Crosbie PACE Foundation to honour that vision and continue his legacy. It is recognition of Thomas’s life and will not only celebrate Thomas’s life but the lives of everyone involved.


The Thomas Crosbie PACE Foundation is dedicated to developing a creative hub in East London where young people can access the arts and sport. Whether it be attending workshops in spoken word and rap to recording original beats and accessing sports activities.

We are presently raising money for The Coldfire Festival in East London (2018), which will promote wellbeing; up and coming young artists through performances, writing workshops and sports. The festival will reflect Thomas’s beliefs.


 Thomas took his own life 15th September 2016.

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